Lensbaby Fisheye Optic Challenge

Lensbaby has a fun new project going on where they have asked some of their Lensbaby Artists to participate in some photography challenges using their lenses. For the first challenge I participated in I had to use a Lensbaby lens that I hadn’t for a while. I have numerous Lensbabys and I love to use all of them but I haven’t used my Fisheye Optic much at all. So I decided for this challenge that would be the perfect lens to use.

The fisheye effect is completely different then what I normally shoot with but I find it to be a lot of fun! I like to take photos of my pets with all of my Lensbaby lenses so of course most of the photos I ended up taking with the Fisheye optic were of my pets. I have decided that pet photos are my favorite thing to shoot with this lens!

One thing I did find challenging is that having the Optic in my Composer Pro II I had to really watch if my lens was tilted or not because that affected the circle effect. For some shots I didn’t realize that the lens was slightly tilted so it cut off part of the circle. But even with the slight tilt I love the effect I got. I really enjoy using this lens and I need to take it out and use it more often!

The next challenge I will be doing is a macro challenge :) 

All photos shot with Sony A7III and Lensbaby Composer Pro II and Fisheye Optic