This summer we took a trip to Kentucky with my parents to visit family. My dad is originally from there and it was so fun to get to visit and see relatives I haven't seen for a long time. I also had just received my new Tamron 17-28 for my Sony A7III so I was so excited to take it and try it out! I loved it! 

Our first stop when we got there was a winery. The house on the property my dad actually lived at when he was younger! They had that part of the property closed to guests but I snuck a little photo of the house through some bushes :) 

We drove along a lot of beautiful country roads.

This photo was taken with the Lensbaby Velvet 85.

Our airbnb was on the third floor of this building. And on the second floor was a beautiful event space. In the 1940s this was a place that sold clothing and my dad said he remembers when his dad brought him to buy a suit there.

One evening while at my cousins house for a BBQ they brought out these lanterns when it got dark out. They floated so far before burning out!