A very short beach vacation

We had our beach vacation with friends planned for months and we were so looking forward to it. We got there in the evening on Saturday. My husband went golfing with one of the other husbands and I checked out the beach with the rest of the group. Our rental house was beautiful! On Sunday it was a gorgeous day! My husband along with several others in the group went golfing and then the rest of us went to the beach and then hung out by the pool. It was a wonderful day!

But then that evening we got notified we would have to evacuate in the morning. Hurricane Dorian was coming. We were so disappointed. While everyone was making plans on what to do next I worked on making dinner. I had forgotten my phone upstairs with my recipe on it. I had everything memorized except I couldn't remember what temperature to set the oven at. So I went to get my phone and on the way down the stairs...boom. I fell down a few of the steps at the bottom. So next thing I know we are looking for a hospital because I injured my ankle. After a couple hours in the ER I was sent home with a wrapped ankle and some crutches. 

The rest of our group ended up in Tennessee but we decided to head toward home instead. On the way home we decided we didn't want to have our whole vacation ruined so we went to Asheville, NC for a couple days. There wasn't a lot I could do with my injured ankle but we made the most of it. We drove along the Blue Ridge Parkway and stopped at overlooks. It was so beautiful! 

So now we are back home and I am still dealing with this injured ankle. I am now in a Aircast walking boot as it was more injured then originally thought. But even though our vacation was completely different then we originally planned we enjoyed it the best we could and got some memories from it. And we are looking forward to planning another trip with our friends and hopefully no hurricanes or injuries are involved with that one :)