Lensbaby Macro Challenge

Lensbaby has a fun project going on where they have asked some of their Lensbaby Artists to participate in some photography challenges using their lenses. For this challenge Lensbaby encouraged us to get creative with macro and take a closer look at things we normally wouldn’t. I think macro is so fun! Normally when I do macro I take photos of flowers and nature. So for this challenge I had to change how I normally think about macro photography.

In these photos you will see a closeup of twine, a scarf, a paper lantern, a seashell, a wooden spoon and then I explored my pantry. I took some photos of red pepper flakes, dried parsley, bay leaves, and pasta. It was so neat to check out the different textures of everyday, normal things. I also played around with photographing oil and water. That is a really fun trick to try out and I look forward to practicing with it more to get some unique shots. I also took a few shots of flowers and nature with both the Macro Converters and the Macro Filters to get closer then I usually do. When using the converters and the filters at the same time it’s amazing how close you can get!

I look forward to looking for more things that I can take a closer look at with macro. I used a mix of the Composer Pro II with Sweet 35, Macro Converters, Macro Filters, and Velvet 85 for these macro shots.