Lensbaby Twist 60 Challenge

Lensbaby has a fun project going on where they have asked some of their Lensbaby Artists to participate in some photography challenges using their lenses. For this challenge we were encouraged to share our photos that really incorporate the swirly bokeh and natural vignetting to make our subject pop.

The Twist 60 is such a fun and versatile lens! With this lens you can get swirly, twisty backgrounds and beautiful bokeh. The best way to get this effect is to shoot wide open and have a background with lots of texture like leaves, brick, etc. Also have your subject have a little distance from the background and then watch your subject pop! I also love that depending on the background the twist effect can be a little more subtle. So versatile!

My favorite genre to shoot is nature photography. But even though I love taking nature photos I am scared of bugs so the 60mm focal length works really well because I don’t have to be as close to plants and flowers to get the photo! And I can even occasionally include the bugs in my photos and not worry about them getting too close to me! 

Using the Twist 60 I can get unique photos that really make my subject stand out. Here are some of my favorite twisty, “poppiest” nature photos. Be sure to look for the little bug friends in two of the photos! 

To learn more about this lens check out the Lensbaby website: